Signals & Systems Tuition Near Sector-52 Noida

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Signals & Systems Tuition Near Sector-52 Noida

Signals & Systems Tuition Near Sector-52 Noida

Signals Tuition In Noida, Representation of Signals, Singularity Functions, Discrete Time Signals, Types of
Signals, Time Scaling and Shifting, Convolution and Correlation of LTI Systems, Correlation
of energy and power signals.

Systems and Analysis of System Tuition In Noida, System Classification, Linearity/Time Invariance, Causal
System, Characterization of LTI Systems, Unit Sample Response, Generalization of D.T.
Systems, Concept of Stability, Convolution Integrals/summations, Energy and Power spectral
density, Properties of Power spectral Density, Analysis of First order systems, Analysis of
second order systems.

Fourier Transforms In Noida, Properties and Significance of CTFT, CTFT of Common Signals,
Inverse CTFT; Introduction to DTFT, DTFT of Common Signals, Theorems and Properties –
DTFT, Inverse DTFT; Continuous Time and Discrete Time Hilbert Transform and its
Properties. Introduction of Gaussian signal and its Fourier transform.

Laplace Transform and Z Transform Tuition In Noida, Laplace Transforms- Introduction, Laplace
Transforms of common signals, Theorems and properties of Laplace Transforms, Concept of
Region of Convergence, Inverse Laplace Transforms; Z Transforms – Introduction, Z
Transforms of Common Signals, Theorems and properties of Z Transforms, Inverse Z

Sampling of Time Signals Tuition In Noida, Nyquist Criterion, Sampling theorem and frequency domain
representation of sampling, Sampling Techniques, Reconstruction of band limited signal from
its samples, Sampling of Sinusoidal and other signals.

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1. AV Oppenheim, A.S. Willsky and S. Hamid Nawab, ‘Signals and Systems’,
Pearson Education.
2. TK Rawat, “Signals and Systems”, Oxford University Press.
Reference Books:
1. BP Lathi, “Principals of Linear Systems and Signals”, Oxford University Press.
2. P. Ramakrishna Rao, ‘Signal and System’, Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.
3. Kishore S. Trivedi, “Probability & Statistics with Reliability Queuing and Computer
Science Applications”, Wiley Publication.

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