Microprocessors & Microcontrollers  Tuition Near Sector 52 Noida

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Microprocessors & Microcontrollers  Tuition Near Sector 52 Noida

Microprocessors & Microcontrollers  Tuition Near Sector 52 Noida

Call For The Best B.Tech Tuition Tutor Near Sector-52 Noida. Tuition Classes are available for all subjects of Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Electronic, Computer Science.

8085 MICROPROCESSOR: History and Evolution of Microprocessor and their
Classification, Architecture of 8085 Microprocessor, Address / Data Bus multiplexing and
demultiplexing. Status and Control signal generation, Instruction set of 8085 Microprocessor,
Classification of instructions, addressing modes, timing diagram of the instructions.

Hardware Interfacing with 8085: Methods of data Transfer and Interrupts of 8085
microprocessor: Classification of interrupts, Programming using interrupts, Direct Memory
Access, Serial and parallel data transfer, Interfacing of Memory Chips with 8085
Microprocessor, Interfacing of 8085 with 8155/8156 (RAM), 8355/8755 (ROM). Interfacing
of Programmable Devices with 8085 Microprocessor, 8279 programmable Keyboard/Display
interface, 8255A programmable Parallel interface, 8254 programmable Interval Timer,
8259A programmable Interrupt Controller, Assembly language programming

16-bit low power MCU MSP430: Introduction to microcontrollers and embedded systems,
Von Neumann (Princeton) and Harvard architecture, RISC and CISC machine, Introduction
to MSP430: Architecture, Programming Techniques, Addressing Modes, Programming
System registers and configuration I/O ports pull up/down registers concepts, Low Power
aspects of MSP430: low power modes, Active vs Standby current consumption.

Configuring Peripherals in MSP430: External interrupts and software interrupt, interrupt
programming, Watchdog timer, Clock Tree in MSP430, Timer/ counter interrupt,
Programming MSP430 timer, counter programming, Real Time Clock (RTC), PWM control,
timing generation and measurements. Analog interfacing and data acquisition: ADC and
Comparator in MSP430, data transfer using DMA.

Serial Communication Interfaces in MSP430: Basics of serial communication, mode of
serial communication, RS232, serial communication issue, Serial port programming.
Implementing and programming UART, I2C, SPI interface using MSP430, Interfacing
external devices, external memory, keyboards, display devices, DAC/ADC, DC Motor,
Stepper Motor, Servomotor, power management, Sensor Interfacing and signal conditioning.
Case Study: MSP430 based embedded system application using the interface protocols for
communication with external devices: “A Low-Power Battery less Wireless Temperature and
Humidity Sensor with Passive Low Frequency RFID.

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