Digital Logic Design Tuition Near Sector-52 Noida

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Digital Logic Design Tuition Near Sector-52 Noida

Digital Logic Design Tuition Near Sector-52 Noida

Digital System And Binary Numbers: Number System and its arithmetic, Signed binary
numbers, Binary codes, Cyclic codes, Hamming Code, the map method up to five variable,
Don’t care conditions, POS simplification, NAND and NOR implementation, Quine McClusky method (Tabular method). Combinational Logic: Combinational Circuits: Analysis Procedure, Design procedure,
Binary adder-subtractor, Decimal adder, Binary multiplier, Magnitude comparator,
Multiplexers, Demultiplexers, Decoders, Encoders.

Sequential Logic And Its Applications : Storage elements: latches & flip flops,
Characteristic Equations of Flip Flops, Flip Flop Conversion, Shift Registers, Ripple
Counters, Synchronous Counters, Other Counters: Johnson & Ring Counter.

Synchronous & Asynchronous Sequential Circuits Tuition In Noida: Analysis of clocked sequential circuits
with state machine designing, State reduction and assignments, Design procedure. Analysis
procedure of Asynchronous sequential circuits, circuit with latches, design procedure,
Reduction of state and flow table, Race-free state assignment, Hazards.

Memory & Programmable Logic Devices Tuition In Noida: Digital Logic Families: DTL, DCTL, TTL, ECL
& CMOS etc., Fan Out, Fan in, Noise Margin; RAM, ROM, PLA, PAL; Circuits of Logic
Families, Interfacing of Digital Logic Families, Circuit Implementation using ROM, PLA and

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